Administrative Support covers a variety of different nagging tasks and projects that I can take off your plate. Would you like help with these things?
  • Email management ~ getting you to inbox zero by sorting, prioritizing, tagging, and deleting all those pesky emails that fill up your email
  • Calendar management ~ making sure all those appointments, meetings, phone calls, webinars, airplane flights, and other events make it on one calendar so you never miss an important occasion
  • Contact management ~ adding the business cards you collect from in-person conferences and events as well as contact information from online networking into your business contact system so you never lose touch with the people you build relationships with
  • File management ~ organizing your scattered Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive, Amazon, and other online storage documents so they can be found easily and provided to others when needed
  • Video & audio file transcription ~ overseeing transcription of the numerous video and audio files from your YouTube channel, podcast, ecourse, blog interviews, or other sources, providing an additional value to your members and readers
  • Data entry ~ inputting a bunch of information into a database or spreadsheet so you can create reports and see important data quickly
  • Creating documents ~ drafting letters, emails, meeting minutes, reports, and so on (generally not intended to include major content creation from scratch)
  • Metric tracking ~ track the important metrics for email marketing, sales, and more so you can monitor trends
  • Miscellaneous ~ getting other administrative stuff done that you don’t want to do. Not sure if I can help? Just ask and see! If I can’t do it myself, then I can probably find someone who can so you can get it off your list.

Administrative Support services can be purchased in a monthly retainer package

But, I know that not all packages are for all people! If you just need an a la carte service, such as a one-time email clean-up or a few transcriptions, then touch base with me and we can discuss your needs and options.