Proofreading and low level copy editing can be done for an assortment of basic content (up to about 10,000 words per item; scroll down for larger projects). I can help you with a lot of that!

Accurate and error-free landing pages, sales pages, and website pages are an important factor in getting customers to know, trust, and like you. If your pages have misspellings, missing words, sentences that are incomplete, or headlines that make no sense, they’re not going to understand you, they’re not going to trust you, and they’re not going to buy from you.

You need my “extra eyes” – someone who didn’t write the copy – to proofread all of your important content (and even what you might consider unimportant) in order to get a fresh perspective and catch things that someone who has already read it a hundred times may have missed. It happens.

Just think of all this content that you may publish or send out on a regular basis:

  • Emails
  • Blog posts
  • Website pages
  • Landing pages
  • Sales pages
  • Marketing materials
  • Lead magnets
  • Ecourses
  • Video and audio transcripts
  • Reports
  • PLR
  • Instruction manuals

The list goes on. And it all has the possibility of having errors. They’re easy to miss when you’re editing on the fly, writing and re-writing while being distracted and disturbed every five minutes.

Proofreading and Copy Editing services for basic content such as what’s listed above can be purchased in a monthly retainer package

But, I know that not all packages are for all people! If you just need an a la carte service, such as a one-time website review or a few lead magnets, then touch base with me and we can discuss your needs and options.

Proofreading and low level copy editing is also available for ebooks and longer content over 10,000 words.

It’s just as, if not more, important that your longer content and ebooks be carefully proofread for the cleanest copy possible. If you’re a connoisseur of Amazon Kindle books by self-published authors – or are a self-published author – then you know that badly edited books is one of the main complaints a lot of those books receive. (Not that bad editing is limited to self-publishing, big-time publishing books can definitely be messy too!)

I’ve proofread/edited more than 15 self-published novels and short stories over the last several years, and can help you with yours as well. I don’t edit for major story issues, but if I see something that doesn’t make sense, I’ll mention it. Mostly I catch typos, wrong words, duplicate word choices too close together, incorrect use of words, inconsistencies, things spell check doesn’t pick up, that kind of thing.

Let me clean up your manuscript before you hit publish, so your readers can enjoy your excellent work without the distractions that errors bring.

Proofreading and Copy Editing services for ebooks (including short stories under 10,000 words) and longer content are not available through the monthly retainer package. Instead, they can be purchased on a per-project basis.

Proofing/editing starts at $0.01 per word (which equals $1,000 for a 100,000 word ebook). A sample edit of 1,500 words can be provided free of charge.

For these “mega” proofing/editing projects, a nonrefundable 50% down payment is required, with the balance due when I return the completed manuscript. Or, if you have several short stories to be worked on, we can put a package together.

My average time to complete a proof/edit is about 10-14 days for a full-length (~75,000 word) novel.

Touch base with me and we can discuss your needs and options!