I’ve worked with some great people on fun and exciting projects. Here’s a little feedback from a few of them. I blush at their words.

Rachel Rofé

"I asked Stephanie to help me with a time-intensive project that was causing me some stress. Because I was crunched for time, I threw a bunch of videos at her, gave her some requirements, and asked her to piece it all together. It was SO REFRESHING to see that she just "got" it! She asked a few intelligent questions and then dug right in.

The whole thing was so EASY. All details were handled beautifully, she made the project better thanks to some great suggestions, and she represented my company and me in the best light possible. I can't recommend Stephanie highly enough!"

Rachel Rofé, Rachel Rofé Enterprises

Thomas Watson, Author

Thomas Watson

"Stephanie has provided me with story and copy editing assistance from the beginning of my independent publishing efforts. Her work on my behalf has been thorough, accurate, and insightful. Working with Stephanie has contributed greatly to the level of professionalism reflected in the reviews my work has received.”

Thomas Watson, author of the War of the Second Iteration series, The Gryphon Stone, and Mr. Olcott's Skies

Barry Cowan

Barry W. Cowan

"Having worked with Stephanie for a number of years, both in a professional employer-employee relationship within a large law firm environment and more recently where she's provided virtual/personal assistant support to me in my consulting business, I can say without reservation that she's been my most important business asset - my right hand AND my left. She has always produced high quality work and put forth maximum effort on every assignment, and excels in getting projects done in challenging situations and stressful conditions without major oversight. Stephanie is proactive in bringing things to my attention that she thinks I should be aware of, and she's very well prepared and organized for anything that comes up. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for support in their business.”

Barry W. Cowan, President, Cowan Enterprises, LLC

Michael R. Hicks, Author

Michael R. Hicks

"Stephanie was one of the primary editors for several of my bestselling novels in the “In Her Name” series and the “Harvest Trilogy” series, as well as other novels. By virtue of her attention to detail and grammar skills, she was instrumental in transforming the rough drafts into publication-worthy books.”

Michael R. Hicks, author of the In Her Name series and the Harvest Trilogy series